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Protecting people against intractable bacterial infections

AmebaGone has developed the first compelling alternative to chemical antibiotics

Case Study

MRSA: An adversary not to be ignored

The problem

The 2019 Antibiotic Resistance Threat Report released by the CDC has sounded the alarm for aggressive action against the 18 antimicrobial-resistant bacteria and fungi and the dire need to develop new safe and effective antibacterial agents.


This report highlighted that in the US every year over 35,000 deaths are directly caused by 2.8 million antimicrobial resistant infections.


Despite the dominance of very few microbial species responsible for causing this issue, broad-spectrum antibiotics are not sufficient to solve the growing antimicrobial resistance problem.


Our solution

Instead of contributing yet another antibiotic treatment to fighting antimicrobial resistant bacteria our technology takes a different approach.


Using specific strains of amoebae (Dicty, as we call them in the field) consume biofilms for growth and reproduction, we can quickly and cost-effectively treat existing infections and keep hospitals safer – making it harder for the superbug to find new hosts.


"We were not able to identify firm evidence that there has been a significant decrease in total or healthcare-associated MRSA Infections in the United States.”

Kevin T. Kavanagh et al, “The incidence of MRSA infections in the United States: is a more comprehensive tracking system needed?” Antimicrobial Resistance and Infection Control, 2017

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is responsible for 60% of staph infections 

(up from 2% in 1974)


can kill up to

20,000 people


prolongs hospital stays in infected patients by 10 days


can generate excess costs per patient of $20,000

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