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Innovative science meets commercial expertise

AmebaGone is poised to bring amoebic biocontrol into the healthcare mainstream.

Our story

AmebaGone was founded in 2010 with the goal of commercializing a revolutionary approach to biocontrol: harnessing the natural predatory behavior of amoebae to combat disease-causing microbes. Our technology has wide applications in the medical setting, including sterilization, biohazard control, and the treatment of wounds and diseases. Our sister company, AgraFilms, founded in 2018, deploys amoebic biocontrol in crops and food storage to improve efficiency and safety. 


Our core technology was developed by founder Marcin Filutowicz and Katarzyna Borys at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.


Together with Argra-Films, AmebaGone has the potential to positively impact human health, water safety, agricultural productivity, and quality of life worldwide.

Our advantage


5 issued patents

"Therapeutic Amoeba and Uses Thereof" (US 8,551,471, 8,715,641) EU version filed (Fr, UK,  2575833)

"Dictyostelid Amoeba and Biocontrol Uses Thereof" (US 13/972,553)


3 licensed collections

of Dicty amoebae

With exclusive licenses for two


3,000+ unique isolates

From all over the world and some habitats that no longer exist

AmebaGone and AgraFilms (our sister company) hold broad US and EU patents protecting multiple uses of Dicty in medicine, agriculture and industry.


We are the only two firms globally that have developed Dicty-derived products as antimicrobial agents. 

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