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2014 news

Updated: Mar 13, 2019

Dec 14, 2014

AmebaGone executes license to Dicty collection of Dr. James Cavender of Ohio University.

AmebaGone has executed a licensing agreement with Dr. James Cavender of Ohio University for exclusive access to his collection of Dictystelids spanning the globe and curated since the 1930s.


Nov 07, 2014

AmebaGone executes exclusive license to Dicty collection at Shepherd University.

On November 1, 2014, AmebaGone executed an exclusive license to a robust collection of Dictystelids at Shepherd University in West Virgina.


Sep 24, 2014

AmebaGone's founder at the University of Wisconsin-Madison receives a grant from the State Economic Engagement and Development (SEED) Research Program titled "Reviving and screening Dictyostelid’s collection for new drug discovery and other commercial use at the firm.

Jul 08, 2014

UW-Madison licenses Dr. Kenneth Raper's Archive (>2,000 Dicty strains) to Amebagone


May 06, 2014

Second US Patent issued to AmebaGone (8,715,641)


Jan 01, 2014

NSF Phase I SBIR awarded to AmebaGone

The National Sceince Foundation (NSF) has awarded a Phase I SBIR for just under $150K to AmebeGone LLC for its project titled "Biological treatment of orchards to combat fire blight (Erwina amylovora)".


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