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What if there were a better way to control intractable infections?

AmebaGone has harnessed the natural predatory power of amoebae to do just that.

How it works

Dicty spores

how it works 2_2.png

Dicty amoebae

Bacterial pathogen

Dicty spores rapidly germinate into amoebae

how it works 2_2.png

The amoebae replicate in the presence of their bacterial prey and start hunting

how it works 3_2_2.png

Finally, the amoebae digest the targeted pathogen, eliminating the threat.

Our technology revolutionizes biocontrol by harnessing this natural behavior. We specific amoebic strains to target individual pathogens, such as antibiotic-resistant MRSA.

What makes amoebae so special?

Our use of Dicty amoebae is a significant step forward for medicine for many reasons.  


Proven effectiveness against numerous pathogens


Specificity of action

against individual pathogenic cells


Suitable for infections caused by antibiotic-resistance, antibiotic-tolerance, and persister bacteria


Naturally occurring

and safe for humans, animals, and plants


Resilient spores

can survive extreme environments, from the tundra to the tropics


Long shelf life

of dormant spores simplifies storage and transportation

*human and animal testing is ongoing

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by the body and do not trigger an immune response*

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and will not persist once their job is done*

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